NCSA's mission is to empower leaders through sports, and we want to help as many qualified athletes as we can achieve their dream of playing at the college level. NCSA's Athleadership Grants are given to deserving student-athletes who represent their self, their family, and their school with integrity at all times. These student-athletes work hard in the classroom, lead their team, and give back to their communities.

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Meet The Team

Name: Callie Hemming
Department: Marketing
School: DePaul University, Soccer
Hometown: Geneva, Illinois
Favorite Team: All Chicago sports teams, minus the Sox!
#1 Recruiting Tip: Start your recruiting process early, reach out to coaches as soon as possible!

Name: Chris Wallace
Department: Scouting
College/Sport Played: Indiana University (worked with Athletic Department with football, swimming, volleyball, among others)
Hometown: Lake Zurich, Illinois
Favorite Team: Chicago Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls
#1 Recruiting Tip: Be persistent. Don't let college coaches forget who you are, give them updates, stay in touch, and always…BE PROFESSIONAL!
Name: David Beck
Department: Scouting
College: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Favorite Team: Chicago Cubs and Wisconsin Badgers
#1 Recruiting Tip: Remain humble throughout the recruiting process and don't become fixated on Division 1 programs. Approximately 80% of athletic opportunities fall outside of Division 1 athletic programs. Having more college options will help you maximize a potential scholarship opportunity.
Name: Emily Fox
Department: Member Services
College/Sport Played: University of Minnesota Women's Basketball
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Favorite Team: Denver Nuggets
#1 Recruiting Tip: Take time to enjoy the recruiting process. It can be very stressful and overwhelming, but it can also be fun! It's a once and a lifetime opportunity, so make the most of it!

Name: Joe Penney
Department: Financial Aid
College/Sport: University of Kentucky - Men's Soccer; University of Iowa
Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa
Favorite team: Real Madrid
#1 Recruiting Tip: Be proactive – do NOT wait for coaches to contact you! Make phone calls and send emails to introduce yourself and be sure to respond/follow up to any coach that you hear from. If you don't hear from a coach right away, don't feel discouraged. Continue to reach out to more and more coaches and if you don't hear back, try again in a few weeks.

Name: John Rozsa
Department: Scouting
School: Miami University/Governors State University
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Favorite Team: Browns, Cavs, Tribe
#1 Recruiting Tip: Follow the books! Be sure to research the schools to ensure the best academic fit. If you're not happy in the classroom, you won't be happy in the locker room. You'll only be a college athlete for a few years but you will be a college grad for life.

Name: Natalie Pedersen
Department: Administration
College: Cardinal Stritch University and Northwestern Univsersity
Hometown: Greenfield, Wisconsin
Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Steelers, Wisconsin Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers
#1 Recruiting Tip: Time management skills are very important as you balance homework, athletics and your recruiting to-do list. Learning good time management skills now will only make the transition to college easier and help you in the long run!

Name: Ned Colleran
Department: Scouting
College/Played: St. Mary's University - Winona, MN - Soccer
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Team: Chicago Cubs
#1 Recruiting Tip: What a student athlete does off the field is just as important as what takes place on the field. Performance in the classroom tells a coach plenty about an athlete's likelihood of reaching their potential on the playing field.

Name: Brian Miller
Department:Football Scouting
College/Sports Played:University of Wisconsin
Hometown: Deerfield, IL 
Favorite Team:Bulls, Bears, Hawks, Cubs
#1 Recruiting Be aggressive and be proactive. Recruiting is not something that takes care of itself or happens on its own; you have to make it happen! Take charge, be persistent and be in charge of your own future! 
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Athleadership Grants help financially assist deserving student-athletes with enrollment into the NCSA program.

Along with an NCSA profile, the student-athlete gets:

NCSA awards Athleadership Grants to student-athletes who qualify based on leadership, GPA, financial need, and community service. The Athleadership grant is sponsored by the NFL Players Association.

Features and Benefits

These tools will help you get recruited so you can easily find schools, connect with coaches and post your athletic information.

Here is everything you will receive as part of the Athleadership Grant:
Athletic Recruiting Profile
  • Personal Recruiting Web Page
  • Unlimited Updates
Athletic Recruiting Management System
  • Contact Management System
  • Recruiting To-Do List
  • Interactive Search Map
  • Coach Viewership Report
  • Coach Request Email Alerts
Enhanced Evaluation Video
  • Professional Highlight/Skills Video
  • Expert Analysis, Spot Shadow, and Sequencing
Athletic Recruiting Network Distribution
  • Annual Custom Match
Guidance & Education
  • Recruiting Classes
  • Financial Aid Boot Camp, Scholarship Negotiation, Coach Communications
  • College Coach Forums
  • Live Recruiting Help Desk
Private Coaching
  • Access to Daily Office Hours with a Recruiting Expert
  • Annual Review
Athleader Career Network
  • Resume Builder
  • Interactive Job Board